Download Happy Together S3 Subtitle Indonesia

By | Agustus 8, 2016

Download Happy Together S3 Subtitle Indonesia

Download Happy Together S3 Subtitle Indonesia

Download Happy Together S3 Subtitle Indonesia

Genre : Talk show
Written by   : Mo Eun-seol, Kim Jeong-eun, Yu hyeon-a, Sin jae-kyung, Kang Min-jeong, Baek Yun-kyung, Jeong Yu-jin
Directed by :Kim Kwang-su, Park Ji-yeong, Lee Jeong-gyu, Bang Geul-ee, Yun Byeong-il
Starring :    Yoo Jae-suk,Park Myeong-su,Jo Se-ho, Jun Hyun-moo,Uhm Hyun-kyung
No. of seasons     3
Season 1 : 179
Season 2 : 112
Season 3 : 459 (as of July 28, 2016)

Happy Together Season 3
Season 3 which was known as Happy Together: Let’s Go To School (해피투게더 학교가자), where the 4 MC’s dressed as females (except for Shin Bong-sun, who is a female), and participated in school-themed games, and the corner from Season 1, where the MC’s would play against students in a quiz for a scholarship. This began on July 5, 2007. These proved to be unpopular and were all scrapped in 3 weeks. Now, the show is simply known as Happy Together Season 3 which the corners are Challenge! Memorize Song, and That’s You! (그건 너!).

[Download] Happy Together Subtitle Indonesia

These 2 corners proved to be popular, and ratings have gone back to the usual norm. That’s You! has been replaced by What is that! (이건 뭐!), where guests bring an item they cherish, and Don’t Laugh in the Sauna, joined the 2 remaining corners that take place in a sauna. In early 2009, Challenge! Memorize Song was removed to save time. Only Don’t Laugh in the Sauna remains, and follows Star Quiz How is that Possible! (스타퀴즈 세상에이럴수가!) which is a quiz about the guests for daily products.

Slogan: “함께하면 더욱 행복한 목요일 밤, 해피투게더!” (A Thursday night that will be happier if spent together, Happy Together!)

Download Happy Together Subtitle Indonesia

Episode 450 : Openload | Uptobox
Episode 451 : Openload | Uptobox
Episode 452 : Openload | Uptobox
Episode 453 : Openload | Uptobox
Episode 454 : Openload | Uptobox
Episode 455 : Openload | Uptobox
Episode 456 : Openload | Uptobox
Episode 457 : Openload | Uptobox
Episode 458 : Openload | Uptobox
Episode 459 : Openload | Uptobox
Episode 460 : Openload | Uptobox

Download Subtitle : Indonesia / English

Note : Untuk Episode selanjutnya akan di update di halaman ini, jadi jangan lupa BOOKMARKS guys biar nggk ketinggalanupdate 🙂

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